Schoolhouse Tour

Welcome to Nightingale

Bordering Central Park and steps from many of the world’s most important cultural institutions, The Nightingale-Bamford School has been an essential part of New York’s most historically significant neighborhoods for more than a century. While the cityscape and community may have changed over the years, Nightingale’s mission has remained a constant: to educate the minds and hearts of every girl who enters our school and preserve the tradition of students of all ages under one roof to foster lifelong relationships. We live this mission through our innovative and adaptive curriculum, community-focused lifestyle, and the carefully considered spaces where we learn, teach, and grow together. From the rooftop’s playground to the lower level’s Black Box Theater, Nightingale is a state-of-the-art Schoolhouse nestled within timeless urban architecture. Every entryway, every classroom table, every common space, and every classroom has been thoughtfully designed to optimize the ways girls learn best.

Enter Nightingale

Nine Floors and a World of Possibilities

From laboratories to lounges, sunlit terraces to photography darkrooms, and performance spaces to the makerspace, every room on every floor of our Schoolhouse is intentionally designed to kindle the flames of imagination and lifelong learning in our students.

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Enter Nightingale

The Blue Doors

Nightingale’s iconic blue doors are the gateway into our world. On their first day of school, Mr. Burke warmly greets each kindergartner with a smile and handshake; then, a senior takes her hand to welcome her inside. This special tradition illustrates how our community supports, challenges, and celebrates one another from a student’s first day to her last. When the moment arrives to exit the blue doors one final time, every graduating senior truly knows the meaning of belonging within the Nightingale community.

Main Lobby

Every morning, students begin their days by walking through our song-filled lobby to the front desk, eager to be greeted by name (and often asked about their journey to school that day, what they are most looking forward to, or about how their pets and siblings are doing). When each day’s last bell rings, students again pour through the lobby doors, hugging and waving before heading out to continue their days. Our intentionally designed single entry/exit point lets students and their parents and guardians, trust they are safe.

Main Classrooms

Lower School

Nightingale’s Lower School homerooms are located entirely on the fourth floor to encourage student interactivity, teacher collaboration, and faculty supervision. Connected classrooms emphasize our commitment to the schoolhouse unity, with movable walls that adapt to all-grade programming as easily as small-group work. It is in these classrooms that new interests will blossom, teachers will collaborate, and students will begin to know every girl in their grade, initiating what for so many become lifelong friendships.

Middle School

At Nightingale, we believe that Middle School is not just a transition between the lower and upper grades, but an essential destination unto itself. That is why the sixth floor is specifically designed to embrace the social-emotional learning that occurs in these integral years. Classrooms are built with space dividers that literally reconfigure with each lesson, while movable furniture assures that every student is seen and heard. Completing the Middle School is The Hub, an innovative common space where students and faculty ask questions, share ideas, and inspire one another.

Upper School

Nightingale's Upper School celebrates our students’ growing independence, reminding them at every turn that they are the drivers of their education. A university-caliber amphitheater-style classroom designed for public speaking invites lively discussion and advocating for oneself, while Harkness-style seminar rooms foster a stimulating, open-minded learning environment. The design of the Upper School rooms allows each student to find her unique voice and have it be heard, both within the blue doors and outside them.